In which Kindle Direct Publishing renews my desire to write

Because seriously I was getting all bummed out reading horror stories about authors and agents and publishers, and Amazon’s self-publishing program sounds pretty awesome. 70% royalty rates, complete control over content, promotional options galore, a lending program that pays…

If you set your list price at 3.99 and sell 20,000 books in a year, you get $55,860 out of the bargain. Just to be clear, I’m writing for myself and not for money—I don’t plan on being a career author—but the idea that I might be able to get my work out there, while retaining all the rights to it, and make a little something off of it too really just… makes me feel nice. I feel nice.

And now it’s 1:30 in the morning and I should go to bed, so I will leave the actual writing off until tomorrow. I have 50,000 words or so of draft down, but a lot of that is obsolete after a bunch of development happened and I wrote a new time line, sooooo work. There is it. To be done. Yes. Good.

On that note, does anyone know anything about KDP? Good things? Bad things? General thoughts and opinions?

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Posted 2 years ago