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at some point today i was studying i swear

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of ur shit

this is tumblr… we don’t speak sport

This post applies especially to you

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Pick a Player - Short Stuff: → Brendan Gallagher (Montreal Canadiens)

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if you think trip is just standing on a stool to hang up the banner you would be wrong

for molly

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trip and simmons are adorable how fucking cute was this


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Okay, so I know I get kinda fired up when people are hard on Nazem Kadri and P.K. Subban for their style of play but the perception of athletes of colour as being less disciplined and more violent than their white teammates is a well-documented phenomenon.

Check out this study, which found that Black soccer players in the English Premier League get carded more often than white players:

(There was another British study done that found that British soccer announcers typically described Latin American players as being irrational and hysterical while praising white British players for being courageous, stoic, etc… I can’t seem to find it but if anyone else knows the one I mean, please send a link my way.)

What white people perceive as tenacity in white athletes they perceive as aggression in athletes of colour. When David Clarkson or Dion Phaneuf or Colton Orr gets a stupid penalty, it’s written off as just another stupid penalty. When Nazem Kadri gets a stupid penalty, it’s because he’s “undisciplined” and “hot-tempered” and “needs to learn his place.” When Morgan Rielly or Jake Gardner fucks up, it’s chalked up to nerves or inexperience. When Kadri fucks up, he’s benched.

Racism in professional sports is a very real thing and the NHL is no exception. It’s important to call it out when you see it and hold announcers, coaches, officials, players, and fans accountable.

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"everyday i would get to the rink and i would tell the boys ‘it’s a great day!’ and they got tired of it. i’m gonna just say it one last time, ‘this is a great day!’"

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Why we need to start a #SaveVictoriaHand campaign.

In the screencaps Agent Victoria Hand is killed for shock value and to reveal Agent Grant Ward’s duplicity that he was HYDRA all along.  Its a slight twist on killing a female character for manpain but her death is still a plot point in Ward’s narrative. They didn’t even give her a decent fight scene. He just empties a clip into her and sits down and mopes.

But here are the reasons why we need to start a campaign:

  • Let me start off by mentioning that it’d be shame if she never came back and you never found out she was a canonically lesbian character. She even had a girlfriend in the comic books.
  • (Not to mention there are  no canon queer couples in the MCU yet).  As much as I ship Skimmons that’s all subtext.
  • It would probably help with the ratings if she did come back.
  • And hopefully help take down Garrett, she needs revenge damnit. Why does no one know she’s dead???????
  • We need some LGBTQIA+ representation
  • If they can resurrect Coulson and Fury can fake his own death, why not?

There was literally too much wasted potential in Agent Victoria Hand’s character to not try doing this.  I’m going to start tweeting about it come Tuesday after 12pm pacific time and hopefully if this gets enough signal boosting we’ll see it trending by Tuesday evening. Remember to use the hashtag #SaveVictoriaHand and tell people why she deserves to come back!